​I extend this invitation to anyone who is working for:

An NGO like St Luke’s Hospice | Rape victim counselors | Orphanages | Old-age caregivers 

Due to the nature of my work and my very strong belief in giving rather than getting, I will take on pro bono cases on an ad hoc basis IF time allows when the situation arises.

The initial session runs for around 90 minutes whilst the following sessions run for 60-minutes.

I am happy to negotiate suitable times to fit in with your schedule. Sessions could take place either weekly or fortnightly. There is scope to ensure that you do not become bored during the intervals and homework is done through planned action steps to ensure that you are challenged but not overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.

It is important to understand that at the end of the day only you can create change. The action needs to come from you. Your beliefs, values and rules are re-defined to ensure that they are aligned with your authenticity and motivation to bring about change, much joy, and inner strength. You are what you think.

If you, or anyone you know, needs life coaching please do drop me an e-mail and I will gladly help where and when I can.

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