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What is life coaching? What does a life coach do and why do I need one?

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to be more than they are. Have you felt the dread when you wake up in the morning, knowing that you need to get through another day? Have you ever asked the question: “Is this it?” Have you ever felt that you need to do something but don’t know where to start?

Most times these thoughts are really debilitating and if you look at the world around you, you feel guilty that there isn’t a sense of gratitude for what you have in your life. This guilt ignites the self-critic in your subconscious and you start beating yourself up about your lack of gratitude. You put a smile on your face and prepare to face another day. Seize the day, they say! You bury the thoughts and get on with the “same old, same old”

Life coaching helps you sort out the clutter and encourages you to take time out for yourself to create a plan that will cause you to change.

By being guided to identify what is truly important to you in your life and to challenge your beliefs regarding what you can and can’t achieve. Life coaching helps you create a path to reach exceptional milestones and ultimately believe and create an extraordinary life.

A life coach will listen to you and hear both the said and the unsaid. A life coach will ask you powerful questions to identify your authenticity and find your true values. If you are unclear about who you are, this is the perfect opportunity to investigate and find out what you want.

Many people don’t have a clue about who they are or what they want from life. Women tend to move in a nurturing environment, caring for everyone around them, partners, kids, elderly parents, cooking, meal preparation, the list goes on. Men tend to get stuck at paying the bills, climbing the corporate ladder, and ensuring that they remain on top of their game so that they can provide for their families.

Life coaching encourages you to take time to look at the YOU that you genuinely WANT to be. Not the person you NEED to be so that you are socially acceptable, or fulfilling your parents’ dream, or maintain a certain standard of living. Who are you and what do you want?

95% of the world’s population live on complete autopilot. This is not the way we were intended to live. We have become conditioned to live like this through society, marketing, and social media platforms. The corporate giants have sold us a version of life that they have pictured as desirable, but it’s a quick fix with no lasting happiness. It’s a world where we chase more. More stuff, more food, more social recognition, more responsibility, more debt. If you see yourself in this space and feel that you want more of the stuff that really brings joy happiness and contentment, then you should call a life coach today.

Life coaching constructs a journey to understanding yourself. It creates a space where you can unravel your thoughts and be held in a safe space to search for meaning. This search differs from person to person and it is the coach’s responsibility to question you to identify what it is you want to change; why you want to change it and create a plan of execution to achieve the things you want in life.

Much like a personal trainer, a life coach will help you to find the motivation to take the action required to get you moving in the direction you want to go. Your job is to desire change; to see the effects of change and to create the discipline to get there.

If you go to a gym because you want a beautifully sculpted body, you need to put in the effort; time, and persistence to achieve this right? So too with life coaching. A life coach is your personal mentor and motivator to get you moving in the right direction.

On this journey, you will discover a tremendous amount about yourself. What you believe and why; the rules that you have instilled in yourself and how these justify your world view and your perception of yourself and others.

There will be enlightening moments where you will feel quite ridiculous for the noose you have willingly put around your neck, and you will be able to break free from these rules and beliefs to discover a new view. Tools are shared to encourage you to break free from the negative thoughts that keep you locked in depression or lack of self-worth. Building blocks are set in place to ensure that you are working from an authentic place that makes you feel good and lifts your spirit as you open your eyes to a world of new possibilities. Does it take time? Yes - it does. It takes a lot of time; a lot of commitment and a lot of courage. Does it feel great? Yes - it does. It allows you to realize that free will offers choices and that the choices you make have consequences. It allows you to choose your own identity. It encourages you to choose an identity that works in harmony so that there is no need to feel like a fraud and no need to worry about what the Jones’s will say.

It allows you the freedom to craft your life with intention and purpose.

Whether you seek a richer, more meaningful life personally or in your professional life, life coaching makes it so much easier to identify what is meaningful to you. Once you have identified your authenticity, the benefits will be seen in all aspects of your life and the world does become your oyster.

Seize the day indeed!

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