• Helen Hattingh

What are you hiding underneath your mask?

Updated: Jul 23

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up each morning with a smile on your face and a ton of energy to seize the day, feeling confident; energized; purposeful, and enthusiastic?

Does this sound like a dream? Are these feelings not for you - only for successful or happy people? Are you scrolling past this because you think you’re not worthy of feeling this way?

You’re wrong!

I know the feeling when you wake up and feel dread in the pit of your tummy. I know the feeling when there is just not enough and you’re not sure how you’re ever going to change that. I know how it feels to stand under the shower faucet and try to wash away the anxiety and fear, but they never really wash away. The mask you need for the CoVID 19 virus helps because you can hide all your negative emotions behind it.

Believe me when I say it doesn’t have to be like that. My 4ME course is a 3-month reset course. I help you look at yourself without the restraints, the baggage, and the voices telling you that you’re not good enough. We work through the relentless voices in your head and establish real beliefs and values that allow you to let go of all the stuff you believe and that exists only because you make it real. I help you identify what you really want to achieve and help you stay on track and motivated to get where you need to be to put an everlasting smile on your face. Your confidence will grow. Your self worth will grow. You will relate to others differently and you will be headhunted for the perfect job of your dreams

How does that make you feel? Well - what are you waiting for?

If you’re the person that knows there is more to life but you feel totally sucked under by your day to day routine, your finances and your inability to get what you really want out of your life, your relationship or your job then this is for you.

By using tried and tested methodology and by producing evidence-based results, you will see the change from our first session. All I need from you is the desire to change. See the testimonials on my website to see what clients have to say. As scary as change is, we all know that it’s the only constant in our lives. If we can’t deal with change, we cant deal with life. It's so much easier to tackle change together until you have the resources and the tools to take you where you want to go. Give it a try - you have nothing to lose. Our initial session is on me - it’s free!

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