• Helen Hattingh

The birth of the warrior!

Everyone has the opportunity, right now, to stop fence-sitting and blame laying. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

When we stare uncertainty in the eye from really close up, our emotions vacillate between calm acceptance and extreme panic. I am sure that many people, across the world, have had “escape” or “avoid” as top priorities in the last couple of weeks. The madness feels like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, tossing and tumbling a wooden log on its way. The log has no power. It just goes with the flow.

Yet what is required now, is the internal power that we so often surrender and give away to someone or something else. It feels like the devastation of human lives, economies, enterprises, and fiscal values must crush us long before the virus is contained.

Is it the end of the world as we know it?

I think it is.

History shows that there was abundant hope, empathy, and humility even in the worst of places like Auschwitz, during the second world war. It’s good to take stock occasionally to re-assess our values and our humanity and our place in the greater cosmic world. It is an appropriate time to consider what you value and what you prioritize in your life. Is it worth chasing? What have you sold your soul for? Never again (hopefully) will you be offered 21 (hopefully) days of constant company with yourself.

Many are working from home, but many have severely increased idle time. Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

If you are going to be part of the solution, you will be of no use to anyone, if you let panic and fear overwhelm you. Dig deep, breathe deep and be a warrior. The enemy is not within us. We need to rise from the fear and face it, invite it playfully, with curiosity. Say hello. Is this fear rational? Is it justified? Is there anything in history that lends substance to this fear? Do you see yourself as succumbing to fear or do you see yourself as being of service to others to get through this crisis?

Tell that fear that it has no substance and is there in your head only because you are allowing it and entertaining it in your thoughts.

Out there, there are millions of people who could use a lending hand, albeit only a word of encouragement. Stand up and find your warrior gear!

Like all things in life, nothing worth having comes easily. Nor does being a warrior. If you stop smoking, it requires a commitment and dedication to yourself. A “knowing” that you will achieve your goal. Take time to build a relationship of trust and value with yourself. Choose to stand strong in the faith you have in yourself, despite the fear, and choose resilience.

There is a choice to believe in a power far greater than us mere mortals and there is a unification within the universe, underpinned by ethics, morality, respect, and intelligence, growing even faster than the virus. Be the warrior and spread this resilience within you to your loved ones, your friends and colleagues. Whilst we are exploring this unknown territory, let us leave behind the ego, that which is fleeting and of little value, the materialistic, and the greed that threatens our very existence.

We have learned that self-preservation at all costs does not work. The ending of this story is that we deplete all the natural resources at our own peril. The belief that “we” are better than “them” will destroy us. There is only one. One world. Let’s find peace and work towards a better future. Energy flows where energy goes. Energize to contribute towards the solution, towards building a better, non-toxic tomorrow.

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