• Helen Hattingh

Its warrior time!

Unchartered events have sent the world into a frenzy and now is the time to check in with yourself. Ask yourself: Are you ok? Great! Then your next question should be: How can I help?

We have seen panic grip people into a buying frenzy. We have seen the shelves unreplenished and sanitizer prices soar. We have seen crazy people who should be quarantined go out clubbing. We have seen the world go mad, caught in a vice-like grip of fear and panic. People have equated what we are experiencing to world war 2, and I must say, I feel more empathy now for Anne Frank than when I read the book!

We have seen social media reports of the sky clearing over China. We have seen people come together in countries where they have sung and danced together in solidarity. We have seen the gratefulness of the Chinese people as the emergency teams leave. It’s time to be a warrior!

We have so much to be grateful for. There is so much fear, overwhelm and misery out there, it’s time to put on our big girl panties, see the virus for what it is and DO something!

How often have you said to yourself that you wish you had some time to tackle all the chores you never get time for? What’s your excuse now for not doing that online course you wanted to do but put off because your plate was full already? How quickly can you make sense of the madness and develop your own routine to keep your body and mind healthy? That diet you were wanting to do, but were afraid of the distractions? Its time! You have 3 weeks. Make the most of it! It’s time to be a warrior!

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, being of service is the human’s greatest requirement to feel fulfilled and purposeful. This virus has leveled the playing fields in our country by not attaching to privilege, elitism, skin colour or social status. We are all in this together. We can make a difference. There are some of us who can help and some of us who can serve. What horrified me most was the fact that there were 6 million school children who lost their single and only source of nutrition with the closing of the schools. We are a nation built on resilience. We have a president that for once seems to understand the full implication of the virus on our country. Its time to be a warrior!

Our natural and longstanding Neanderthal brain takes us to fight or flight mode. Do not let the fear grip you. Stand up against it and be a warrior. Let’s fight this together. Let’s rise above it and care for our fellow mankind. In every challenge, there is an option to be defeated or to come out braver and better than we were. We so seldom get the chance to show our love and concern for those we love. We so seldom get the chance to pause and look inside of ourselves to identify what really matters to us. Do it now. This is your golden opportunity. Be the warrior!

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