• Helen Hattingh

Its ok to not be ok!

Updated: May 18

Uncertainty is certainly the most rudderless of feelings. We are in unchartered territory. The world is in a place that has never been in before. There is no instruction guide to navigate these times. How do you plan into the future? What is the future? When is the future?

No wonder we as humans are under severe stress and feeling terribly insecure and afraid. The ticking timebomb of death; disease; alienation; isolation; a closed economy with no income, only expenses - it's just too much for the brain to fathom.

Dude - it’s ok to not be ok!

I was raised in a relatively patriarchal, catholic family. A combination of a stiff upper lip and a "just get on with it" attitude was the norm. My parents, both members of the underground movement in Holland during the second world war, had seen enough. They didn't want to talk about it. Life was too hard to indulge in thinking about feelings.

I've come a long way since those beliefs were instilled in me. I am grateful to have been born in the flower-power era of the sixties, which I thank for a great chunk of optimism. I've learned that feelings are actually VERY important. Feelings can make or break you. Feelings can eat you up from the inside. They can keep you awake at night and they can make you sick. There is nothing worse than the continued yoyo of thoughts that create overwhelm, despair, and anxiety.

It's time to address your feelings and be honest with yourself. Once you have acknowledged the feelings, you can address them, manage them, and change them.

To create calm out of chaos requires strength, resilience, and humility. It requires you to be at peace with yourself, comfortable with your beliefs, and your internal compass. It takes time to trust your authenticity; to honor and ignite your intuition; to move away from the mentality of scarcity to that of sufficiency. As in the warrior poses in yoga, one can find balance. With practice and determination, you can curb the madness of thoughts in your head to unpack them all and bring them into the present moment. Just look at them.

By breaking down the madness and making sense of it all, a stillness will come where you can sit comfortably despite it all and in it all.

The path ahead will emerge. It's just not clear at this very moment. A measure of trust; imagination and light-heartedness may not be such a bad idea. There is a lightness in acknowledging that you are not OK. There is an element of hope in knowing that you are not alone.

Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones - the people that matter to you. Empathy and inclusion can go a long way in helping someone feel better. As with the reverse humble warrior pose, a gentler, softer approach is needed so that humanity can heal from this isolation to emerge stronger and humbler at the same time

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