• Helen Hattingh

Affirmation of a Warrior Coach

Affirmation for the warrior coach

I stand here now and offer you all of me.

Thank you for today and the inspiration to see with clarity and excitement what lies ahead. Thank you for guiding my energy towards those that I can help most.

I seek them and they seek me.

Thank you for giving me guidance and for sending me the right questions to

ask at the right time to facilitate great shifts in my clients.

Please use me as your vessel because, through you, I am able to reach out and show others that there are options. Help me make them great!

Thank you for showing me the way and for connecting with me in a safe and secure grasp. Thank you for my partner, my best friend, who makes my world go round.

Thank you for my children and the way they have taught me to love them.

They have made me grow and learn hugely and for that,

I offer you my appreciation and gratitude.

Stay close by me and watch over me and pick me up when I fall.

I trust you completely and let me please hear you when you call.

I am aglow with the magnetic energy flowing through my body and feel safe and protected as I place my faith in the universe. This power that I feel gives me a buoyancy that will emanate from me to each client as we journey together, armed with good tools; good preparation, and a firm belief that we will succeed.

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