I have gained a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in both national and international corporate business development, and soon realized there is a great
need for personal development.

personal development ensures that individuals, groups, or teams can transcend from the ordinary to the excellent, AND feed that into their relationships, teams, groups, or corporate enterprises.

With a degree in linguistics and communication from Rhodes University and my decades of experience coaching SME’s through fiscal management, sales training, performance management, system efficiencies, product development, and team building, the impact of communication, and its power, held my continued

fascination and interest.

I questioned and researched interpersonal skills and communication and effects on individuals and groups, whether the group included only 2 people or whether the group included 100 people, it was the interpersonal relationships that determined the dynamics of that group or individual.

What makes a group tick?
Why do some groups or relationships work astonishingly well and why do others fall under the bus?

These questions led to many, many years of curiosity, research, and investigation and culminated in a great desire to serve for the “greater good”. This is what makes the individual or group work. It’ s an accumulated passion for a common goal.



My personal life journey led me through many obstacles. I lost my sister in a violent shooting; I am well acquainted with alcoholism and its impact on family and society. I have been through the trauma of divorce and have lost two very close relatives after their struggles with cancer. I have experience with business bankruptcy, failed start-ups and retrenchment.


I identified my passion and started my business as a “personal developer” instead of a business developer. The adage of “don’t fix the symptoms, fix the cause” led to the most adventurous part of my life and a journey in life coaching. I strongly believe that if there were more “best selves” out there, the world would work better.

Having completed my NIA Life Coach certification, I am inspired by what I do and love to share it with others, I find real joy in helping people, teams and businesses grow. With ample skills and tools to help people to get the most out of life, I work with people to achieve “your best self” .

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